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There are around 6 million accidents each year and approximately 3 million auto accident injuries a year.


For use on multi-piece wheels to provide traction and prevent tyre beads unseating in the most extreme and heavy duty low pressure operations

Tyron's new BeadLock system is genuinely field mountable and de-mountable... taking only an extra 10 minutes to fit over standard tyre fitting times.

Immensely strong, performs in all temperature ranges, yet Tyron's BeadLock system is the lightest in its class.

By positively locking the tyre's beads to the wheel's flanges the Tyron BeadLock allows vehicles to operate with very low tyre inflation pressures and consequently a large tyre footprint to provide a greater area of traction contact, required for ultimate mobility in mud, sand and snow Rotation between the wheel rim and the tyre is prevented at pressures as low as 0.7 bar (10 psi) on the heaviest vehicles. By effectively locking the tyre's beads in place, mud, sand, water and other foreign objects are prevented from entering the tyre or becoming lodged between the tyre and the rim.

Steering and braking control are also maintained at low pressures, enhancing the safety and versatility of the vehicle.

For use with or without Central Tyre Inflation Systems. Tyron manufacture a wide range, typically all widths in 16" to 20" wheel diameters.

For customers requiring maximum adaptability when required to use a varying selection of tyre makes and sizes, an adjustable width Tyron BeadLock can be supplied, allowing simple and swift fine tuning to provide the optimum fit for maximum performance in the field.

To further speed up and ensure fitting is a one-man job, an optional simple light weight collapsible fitting machine can be supplied, utilising the vehicle's standard hydraulic/bottle jack to operate.