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There are around 6 million accidents each year and approximately 3 million auto accident injuries a year.

extended runflat


Tyron's rotary runflat composite roller system fits inside the standard wheel and tyre assembly to provide an extended runflat capability. Whether one or more tyres fail through high-speed blow-out, terrorist attack or simple puncture, Tyron rotary runflat provides a safe runflat performance, helping the driver maintain steering, cornering and braking control. The vehicle can then continue to be driven on the flat tyres to 50+ km, to a safe place to change the wheel.


The Static Run-Flat System consists of two segments that are assembled around the wheel drop center and one that is locked together with nuts and bolts.

Significantly reduces tire abrasion
High impact performance over extreme temperature ranges
Low heat build up in flexing
Light weight system that provides high load bearing and exceptional energy absorption, that withstands significant vehicle payload
Economical system and life cycle cost
System installation is simple without the need for special tools. It is also easy to remount
Long life and durability


The secret of Tyron's rotary runflat success is that its design consists of an outer roller fitted around an inner runner in the wheel's well. The outer roller remains static in normal operation but revolves around the inner runner when running deflated, as the vehicle's weight is applied. Without this rotating outer section, slippage (caused by the difference between the circumference of the deflated tyre and smaller circumference of the runflat system inside) would create high levels of friction and excessive heat build up. The tyre's beads would also be easily dislodged, severely reducing traction, braking and steering performance. The system requires no lubrication inside the tyre.


Tyron rotary runflat is mounted to the rim inside the tyre and does not come into contact with the tyre until it deflates. When running deflated Tyron rotary runflat supports the tyre's tread and prevents the side walls from being damaged by the rim.


Tyron's design allows for long runflat distances without excessive heat build-up, while normally trapping at least one of the tyre's beads, maintaining traction and driver control. This is a significant advantage over fixed runflat systems. For even greater control in extreme runflat situations an optional full 'beadlock' may be built into the system.


As it does not rotate in normal operation Tyron rotary runflat requires little or no servicing and normal balancing can be carried out. ABS braking is also unaffected.


Tyres totally disintegrate by the time they have reached their vulcanisation temperature of 180 deg. C. Tyron's rotary runflat is manufactured in polyester elastomer with a melting temperature in excess of 200 deg. C. With a high strength to weight ratio Tyron rotary runflat is lighter than solid rubber systems. In the event of a ballistic attack Tyron's high shock absorbent material allows a bullet to pass straight through without the unit shattering.(Test data available).

Operating temperature range: Operational -43C (-46F) Storage -48C (-54F) to in excess of 200C (390F).


Run-Flat Systems can be used in all cars and light trucks to provide mobility in the event of tire failure, so that driving can continue for up to 50 Km. The Run-Flat System will allow the vehicle to maintain steering control and mobility in the case of tire blow out at high speed. Specific applications of the Run-Flat Systems are as follows:

up to 15km Runflat
30 - 50km Runflat
up to 50km Runflat


  • For 15" to 19" diameter steel of alloy wheels.
  • On or off-road systems.
  • Low profile lighter weight designs for high performance vehicles.
  • Optional 'beadlock' for increased control.

Armored limousine
Armored sports-utility & 4x4 vehicles
Cash-in-Transit vehicles
Civil defense vehicles
Emergency and public safety vehicles
Fire equipment
Limouusine & VIP Vehicles
Luxury Cars
Military vehicles
VIP limousines


Tyron rotary runflat is extensively available throughout the World through Tyron Automotive Group Ltd and and its exclusive distributors. Offering a comprehensive aftersales and service support. Some vehicle (car and truck) manufacturers include Tyron's rotary runflat and/or Tyron wheel safety bands in their Options Lists, supplying through their SVO organisations. Tyron Developments Ltd has streamlined the supply and service logistics for Tyron systems. Supplying at economical prices and backed over 25 years experience leading the world with wheel safety and runflat solutions.