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There are around 6 million accidents each year and approximately 3 million auto accident injuries a year.



Tyron bands are manufactured on dedicated tooling using automated production techniques and within the scope of BS5750, ISO 9000-1987 and EN 29000-1987.

The manufacturing site operates a professional quality system that was approved by BSI to ISO 9000 in 1990. In 1998 the production facility gained QS9000 The entire framework of the operating strategy is built upon the philosophy of Total Quality Management and continued process improvement.

The quality programme is already active at the stage of initial design and component development, through the provision of F.M.E.A. (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and SPC (Statistical Process Control) is practised in all manufacturing functions.


Tyron Bands are finished Zinc plated to Fe/Zn5 and passivated to Class 2C (Fe/Zn c2C). Other finishes are available for specialist applications. Fixing Rollers are manufactured in zinc coated mild steel. Steel Socket Cap Screw fixings are in 12.9 material, DIN 912, ISO4762, BS4168 and are Zinc plated, passivated and de-embrittled. Nylon insert self locking nuts are to DIN982 type P, Zinc plated.


The current maximum production capability is 186,000 Tyron band sets per week.


Tyron bands must cope with the stresses imposed by, for example, a 150mph blowout, when fitted to a high performance alloy wheel and low profile tyre assembly on a Police Traffic Patrol vehicle, high speed off-road capability on a military vehicle, or heavy duty use on a 38 ton truck. Light weight remains a critical factor for bands designed for fitting to alloy wheels as well as for use on heavy trucks, despite maximum truck weights exceeding 38 tonnes. Design emphasis has been to produce lighter weight bands, while increasing strength and durability, combined with ease of fitting.

CAD and computerised stress testing application in the continual design & improvement programme.