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There are around 6 million accidents each year and approximately 3 million auto accident injuries a year.

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Tyron have carried out comprehensive testing on all types of vehicle in extensive applications throughout the world. To simulate worst scenario 'blowout' conditions when testing, tyres are instantaneously deflated using a small explosive device attached to the tyre wall.



Test Track: RAF Bentwaters, Suffolk. August 1998
Vehicle fitted with Tyron wheel safety bands.

Exploding the front offside tyre at 80 mph, the driver was able to demonstrate total control through a series of 45mph to 80mph bends, emergency stops and hard acceleration, reaching speeds up to 110mph. On completion of the demonstration the driver reported that although he was aware of driving on a 'flat' tyre, general handling and control was easily maintained. Despite the approximate 50 mm (2") hole in the side wall of the tyre as a result of the explosion, the tyre suffered no other significant damage. The wheel remained totally undamaged.


British Army Specification (Wolf)

Test Track: Driving Standards Agency (DSA), Bedfordshire. 31st March 1999.
Vehicle fitted with Tyron Extended Runflat System 'Standard' system.

With the front offside tyre 'blown' track tests were conducted to include; high speed left and right cornering, slalom, chicane, lane change, traction capability and emergency stop.
The vehicle was then subjected to a 'full lock' tight anticlockwise circle test to try and force the tyre off the wheel. The tyre remained intact and in position, allowing the driver to continue with full steering and braking control.
Spectators were invited to drive the track on the deflated tyre. Reports were positive, reporting no significant reduction in vehicle handling and control.


Test Track: Driving Standards Agency (DSA), Bedfordshire. 31st March 1999.
Vehicle fitted with Tyron wheel safety bands.

With the front offside tyre 'blown' the vehicle was driven rigorously around the DSA track encountering high speed bends, tight left and right cornering, emergency stop, rapid acceleration, slalom and lane change manoeuvres. The vehicle handled well throughout, maintaining driver control, road holding, braking and traction on the flat tyre. At the end of the tests the wheel had sustained no damage.


Standard Sprite Musketeer. Laden to Maximum Gross Weight. No stabiliser fitted. Ford Cosworth (460bhp). Standard suspension.

Tes Trackt: Bruntingthorpe Test Track, Leicestershire.
Vehicles fitted with Tyron wheel safety bands.

The caravan tyre was detonated at 113.3mph (recorded by RAC timekeepers) and speed maintained over half mile. The outfit was turned at the end of the track to repeat the run at an average speed of approximately 100mph. On the same tyre simulated 'snaking' trials were performed at 60mph. Then from 70mph an emergency stop was executed, into a coned 'box' approximately 1 metre (3') wider than the caravan. At the completion of all tests the caravan wheel was totally undamaged. No damage had been sustained by the caravan's wheel arch, wheelbox or trim.