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Flat tyre protection for cars to motorhomes, vans to articulated trucks, cash in transit vehicles to fire appliances. The Tyron MultiBand allows you to get to a place of safety after a blow out.



Specialized in flat tire protection for cars, vans, motorhomes, articulated trucks and fire appliances with the help of Tyron Multiband which aids in getting to safety after a blowout.

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Supplier of polyurethane tire fill and productivity technologies for Off-the-Road (OTR) equipment tires, OEM and aftermarket - providing superior product performance and value. All their products are formulated to improve safety and increase productivity in demanding OTR applications, where operating equipment reliability is critical.

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Global Wheel designs and manufactures steel rims and wheels for the commercial trucking, mining, agricultural, earthmoving (construction), and military sectors. The company’s products include earth moving equipment wheels, multi-piece commercial wheels, tubeless truck wheels, agricultural equipment wheels, and industrial and off- road wheels.

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The Veriga Company offers heavy anchor chains, forestry traction chains, mining transport chains, protective chains for tractors, snow chains and car chains for the safety of your vehicle.

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