Complete run flat solutions for armored, off-road and VIP vehicles. Whatever the requirement – we supply and support throughout the world.



Provides Complete runflat solutions for armoured, off-road and VIP vehicles. Whatever the requirement, Tyron supplies and supports throughout the world.

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Provides trusted flat proofing solutions tested and proven on the battlefield. TyrFil™️ RePneuTV is a high performance ballistic NO FLAT technology formulated specifically for the military and armed forces. RePneuTV eliminates flat tires in the most hazardous operating environments. With RePneuTV NO FLAT technology, tires withstand .50 caliber ballistic rifle shots and continue running.

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One of the largest sub-Saharan suppliers that offers solutions for military tyres, rims, wheels and repairs.

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Alcon is a designer and manufacturer of ultra-high quality, low volume brake, clutch and other automotive components that provide extra safety to vehicles.

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Bilstein offers full suspension packages for both discrete and military armoured vehicles. From ‘up armoured’ Toyota Land Cruisers and Land Rover Defenders, to 20 ton Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs).

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Aurum is engaged into R&D, design, prototyping and manufacturing of protection systems, armored military and civilian vehicles as well as production of high-quality glass and glass products for various purposes under the brand

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